Participants 41 à 47

Une pause de bonheur et de solidarité - Participants 41 à 47


Stephan Simioni, Chief of Maintenance
Jewish General Hospital

These are a few pictures of our team during the COVID-19 prep work to ensure that the dedicated areas were ready and safe to receive Covid-19 patients. We were responsible to build divisions, install plexi glass dividers and secure the affected units which consisting of everything from repairs to new installations.

Even during the pandemic our internal staff prepared and planted a beautiful flower bed at the main entrance to add a little joy and color for the patients coming to our hospital.

Sylvia Zhu, Physiotherapist

Richardson Hospital
A day of coincidence! Our team was matching not only with our positive energy or face masks, but also our blue scrubs.

Tamar Derghazarian, Physiotherapist
Jewish Eldercare Centre

Here we are, our team of deployed OT's and PT's cast together in hot zone territory. This photo was taken right after lunch time; that was the hour we would all look forward to. We would wolf down our food, then sit back and share our stories and the latest news. Somehow we would always end up laughing at silly anecdotes that sounded hilarious at the time. More often than not someone would bring dessert for the others. There was this atmosphere of mutual understanding and help where we let ourselves be honest and vulnerable with each other. 
Front row, left to right: Gillian Fuchs, Wai-Yiu Kwok, Stephanie Rishikof. Back row, left to right: Tamar Derghazarian, Sophie Benoit-Trottier, Christopher Yap, Taylor Mcwhirter.
Here we are again, taking a photo to thank the kind lady who sewed us lovely head caps. We are with our smiling Fang Wang (front), a regular employee at the JEC. Fang was happy to join in on the comradery and was always ready to offer some much appreciated insight when we needed it. We treasure this photo and all others of us together as well; they are impromptu, joyful moments in the storm of uncertainty and reminders that when we stay connected and kind to each other, everything will be alright.
Front row: Fang Wang. Middle row, left to right: Christopher Yap, Wai-Yiu Kwok, Taylor Mcwhirter. Back row, left to right: Tamar Derghazarian, Stephanie Rishikof,  Gillian Fuchs.

Teeshila Rungien
Administrative Agent
Catherine Booth Hospital
Catherine Booth Hospital has taken up the challenge to treat COVID-19 patients from April to August 2020. The rehab unit, located on the CD4 at the JGH and the only objective of the team was to provide the best patients' experience. The team had new mandate for some patients as treatment was different than the usual rehab but to ensure patient's satisfaction and comfort, all employees on this unit were willing to go an extra mile by supporting each other. There was good understanding, collaboration, concerned, learning from each other, being sympathetic among colleagues. This created a positive vibe, motivation and happiness on the unit daily.
Shot of happiness for receiving goodies often from JGH foundation and different sponsors, as team efforts' recognition.Our last day on the unit, we had a get together (respecting the IPAC measures) to celebrate the success that firstly all patients were cured and went back to home or residence and also we good moments we share, while surpassing the difficulties during the pandemic.


Thu Hanh Ngo Nguyen, chef d'administration de programme
Programme Accès - SAPA 

CLSC René-Cassin

Voici une photo d'une partie de l'équipe du soutien à domicile du CLSC René-Cassin. Nous avons reçu dernière minute une donation de crème glacée par une crémerie sur le territoire, lors d'une des dernières journées chaudes d'été.  C'était un petit moment de bonheur délicieux bien mérité, comme le démontre les sourires cachés dernière nos masques.Durant ce temps de pandémie, les employés prennent quand même le temps de souligner les moments importants. Une travailleuse sociale de l'équipe de soutien à domicile du CLSC René-Cassin s'est mariée récemment et pour souligner l'occasion, ses collègues lui ont organisé un "bridal shower" surprise!  C'était un moment très plaisant avec plusieurs fous rires au rendez-vous.

Valerie Lok, Nurse
Clinical Activities Specialist of the Nursing Resource Center 
Jewish General Hospital

The first picture was taken at the very beginning of the pandemic, on March 25, 2020 (masks were not mandatory yet, which is why not everyone is wearing one). It is a picture of the Transport team at the Jewish General Hospital in their lounge area in the Pav C, 3rd floor. The Transport team became quickly involved in the transfer of COVID patients throughout the entire first wave. This picture helped provide a sense of solidarity within our team quite early as the pandemic began and changes started to take place.The second picture was taken on K9 at the JGH on Wednesday, April 22, 2020. The NRC was fortunate enough to receive a huge amount of donations for our hardworking staff. We had some extra goodies, and we thought it would be a good opportunity to thank some of the other healthcare workers who are continuously rising to the challenge. On that day, I asked 2 of my colleagues Serena Baffour (in this image), and Sheebenson Lareche to help distribute these gifs on the units. This was all done as a small gesture to help brighten people’s day.The last picture was taken on Friday May 1, 2020. Two of our good friends from the Emergency Department had volunteered to work at the CHSLD Vigi Mont-Royal. Serena and I made them goodie bags (from some of the extra donations mentioned in the second picture). After our shift at the hospital, we drove to the CHSLD to give them these bags, and to offer our support and encouragement during these difficult times. Given that we were all in different departments during the pandemic, this day really helped to provide a sense of solidarity. It helped to share our stories and our struggles with each other.

Valérie Tessier, Staffing Team Support Officer ~ Administrative Officer
Directorate of Human Resources, Communications, Legal affairs and Global Security

Two pics are from the HR meetings- all working from home, working to fufill position and trying to find ways to make it better!

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