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Abdulrahman Hamam, Doctor
Injector - Decarie Square

Life is the word we fought for every single day in the past two years, we spent many days and months away from our families and friends, we’ve lost many colleagues and friends and families, and the vaccine came and brought hope and life again.

We were the first to take it, our faith was to give the world another chance and a hand.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s do this lets get over it lets spread the happiness again.

Cindy Oberegelsbacher, Administrative Agent
Finance - Patient Accounts - CLSC de Benny Farm

Summer in the City! Shot taken at Place Ville Marie where the outdoors is transformed into a little urban oasis getaway, filled with picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, some small boats and more - creating a festive, fun and relaxing "escape" for those choosing to staycation in their city. It brought me such joy to stumble upon this lovely little surprise! Imagine, smack dab in the middle of all the city skyscrapers, who would have thought you could have such a delightful urban getaway, no more than a few metro stops away?"Happiness is the radiance of a sweet flower in a summer garden" (taken outside at the Benny Farm location)

Angela Ahmad, Registered Nurse
Jewish General Hospital - 
Post Anesthesia Care Unit

It was stressful and sad working in a HotZone during the first wave, but once in a while, there truly were moments of gratitude. I will never forget this evening and taking this shot with Natalie Nava.

Mélanie Reis, travailleuse sociale
CRLLM, site Mackay, 0-7 ans, équipe D

Halloween 2020. L'équipe D, site Mackay. Moment de plaisir et de rires. Un hommage à "Rosie the Riveter"! Personnes sur la photo : Evgenia Pateras (ergothérapeute), Katrina Cardiff (physiothérapeute), Élise Rajotte (physiothérapeute), Andrea Tkalec (orthophoniste) et Tracey Schwartz (ergothérapeute).

Carla Jomaa, Head Nurse
Neuroscience - Unit K10
Jewish General Hospital

Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates!
The smile on the K10 team members face says it all.
Thanks to everyone that was part of the first COVID pandemic wave.
We wouldn't be able to succeed without all your efforts and devotion.

Smile, love and devotion!
The happiness cannot be hidden, even under all the individual protective equipment.
Thanks to all the Geriatric team members that went beyond to face the pandemic!
Carla and Crystal Côté

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