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Lori Edwards, Triage Administrative Agent
Jewish General Hospital

Une journée typique ici en pédopsychiatrie: S'il a besoin d'être réparé, appelez Elvira Ammendolea! Elle est toujours protégée, toujours préparée, toujours prête et toujours souriante!

The Administrative Agents in Child Psychiatry at the JGH: Nichol Roach, Elvira Ammendolea, Anita Perrone, Lorianne Edwards.

Having worked all throughout Covid-19, we always stand together in solidarity and gratitude and take a moment to reward ourselves with a lunch from Lester's Deli for all our hard work. These girls make all the sacrifices worth it!

Pajama Day in Child Psychiatry at the JGH: Lorianne Edwards, Nichol Roach, Elvira Ammendolea, Anita Perrone.

Every year our Child Psychiatry Day Program has a pajama day where both staff and patients can come in wearing their favorite pajamas. Participation with our patients not only encourages solidarity but shows our support and care for one another, all while being protected.

Joanne Li, Occupational Therapist
Rehabilitation, Richardson Hospital

Charlie's Angels ain't got nothing on us! Here's our 4th floor Richardson rehab team consisting of 3 OT's, 2 Physios and a TRP, who stuck it out throughout the first year of COVID, amidst the multiple outbreaks.

Our last team photo together before some of us rotated floors or took retirement. 

Donna-Sue Kernohan, License Practical Nurse
CLSC Benny Farm

Departure of Karine Campanelli back to JGH:

Having to say goodbye to the creator of Decarie Square Dream Team was most difficult. Karine was a true inspiration to us all. Even through many daily difficult challenges in the beginning, Karine always had a calm and positive demeanor. Her contagious smile reflects on us all. We could not say au revoir without a proper send off. A massive cake with her picture on it and a few other gifts were given to her to her surprise.  

Rainbow Ça va bien aller

Pharmacist Francoise Lalande, Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Louise thought we needed some color in our super white clinic. Something for the clients to look at while they wait their 15 minutes after their vaccine. Collectively the pharmacy team made paper flowers in our spare time to form a rainbow. Many staff and clients took selfies after their vaccination. This picture was taken on one of our busiest day (1400+ clients). Our record day of pulling 84 vials in one batch.

Gratitude and Appreciation wall

We needed to add more color and cheer. This is the walk-in area where all the clients pass through to get vaccinated. Something for them read while they wait in line. All staff was on board with the idea.Cue cards were handed out to the staff asking them to write a few words of gratitude and appreciation we felt towards our managers and each other. It then was extended to clients who were more than happy to write a few words of thanks and gratitude towards the staff.

Joanka Aguilar, X-ray technologist
Interventional radiology
Jewish General Hospital

Interventional radiology girls intertwined to face difficult times. We are stronger when we join forces. I’m so proud to be part of this group if we when through this pandemic are because we support each other. Here we were so happy to receive beautiful hats courtesy of Becca Habberfield.After longer hours of work we still have fun together. It’s important to have a good relation with coworkers. I learned how to appreciate every one of my team. Take the time to laugh makes work easier. Here we were on call waiting for a COVID patient.Thank to one of our nurses Carla Peters in international radiology who made this cake for technologists week. Genius theme scrubs, pickling and x-ray films. Made us happy and smile ear to ear.

Julie Beauvilliers, spécialiste en communication 
Hôpital général juif

Toutes les occasions sont bonnes pour penser à nos collègues, surtout en période de pandémie. En télétravail depuis mars 2020, nous avons tout de même célébré l'Halloween, par l'envoi de douceurs chocolatées par la poste, et Noël, par une distribution personnalisée de poinsettia. 

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